Online Parent Approval Software

Why use a paper approval when you can create, track, and manage all your school approvals online?

School Permissions revolutionizes the parent approval process by organizing and displaying activities and associated approvals with their status.  Easily view and manage parent approvals from one location.  Automated notifications and reminders to parents removes the burden of getting approvals completed. 

Multiple language support solves the communication barrier from our global society.  Approvals are stored securely for instant retrieval and are available for information sharing. 

Give teachers and schools the instant ability to create, send, and receive student permissions directly from parents.  Completely online.  Instantly see who is approved and who is not.  

Use Online Permissions for

  • School Field Trips
  • Activity approvals
  • Nurse and Medication Approvals
  • Sports
  • Parent Approvals and Acknowledgements
  • Missing Homework
  • More Examples


Key System Features

  • Built-in Form designer means any type of form can be created
  • Dashboard shows approvals by class, teacher, and school
  • Load student data once.  Assign to new activities
  • Printable and Exportable data for special needs
  • Data is stored securely
  • Increases teacher-student time
  • Get Parents directly involved


Use our online system instead of paper

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All data is encrypted and protected with industry leading SSL technology. Data is stored securely and protected off-site.  Information can be retrieved and viewed from any location.
Valid as Paper

The 2000 ESIGN Act (Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce) gives the government's stamp of approval on electronic approvals.
You have already used online approvals every time you buy something on the internet or do online banking.


Help Save the Environment

savingtheplanetSignificantly reducing paper use is probably the most important part of curbing deforestation and the environmental havoc wreaked by paper production.

If we want to create healthy learning environments for our kids now and in the future, then we need to acknowledge that our paper choices at school and home have a deep impact on their well-being.

Schools can make enormous contributions by becoming super-conscientious about reducing paper use, recycling paper, and buying recycled paper products  -- Forest Ethics.

"Saving the world one permission at a time."



Negatives of Paper-based approvals

  • Paper forms can be lost
  • Paper forms can be unreadable or not filled out properly
  • Paper forms can only be printed in one language
  • Finding completed forms is a challenge
  • Last minute approvals detracts from classroom activity
  • Uses valuable and costly resources contributing
    to de-forestation
  • Missing paper forms contribute to conflicts


"The dog ate it"
"My sister stole it"

Little boy lost his permission slip

"I lost it in the snow"

Benefits of
School Permission

  • Instantly view approval status
  • Communicate directly with parents
  • Automatic email notification to parents of required approvals
  • No more missing permission slips
  • Permissions can be viewed in 20 languages
  • Approvals can be completed the day of the activity
  • Uses no paper
  • Supports the Paperless Classroom
  • Online validation assures proper information is recorded
  • Multiple parent approvals
  • Automated email reminders to parents
  • Parents can see what they have approved
  • Reduces time spent on permission approvals
  • Reduces school liability
  • Students and teachers can focus on education
  • Information can be easily shared






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